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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Why do Area Rugs need Professional Rug Cleaning?

The area rugs in your home represent a significant investment. Besides for monetary value there is also a sentimental value, like a rug received from family or friends, or a rug brought from another country.

Vacuuming alone doesn’t clean your area rugs. Allergens, dust mites, sand, dirt and hair are all trapped in your area rug fibers, along with any food spills or pet accident residue.

Why Choose COASTAL BREEZE CARPET CARE Inc. to clean your Area Rugs?

Coastal Breeze Carpet Care Inc. wants to help keep your area rugs clean, fresh and in the best possible condition for many years. Regular area rug cleaning ensures that all contaminants and allergens are removed, prolonging the life and beauty of your area rug to last for many generations.

Whether you have a fine handwoven, antique Persian or a funky bright, contemporary shag, you want your work of art to be cleaned thoroughly and carefully. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton require different care from nylon or polyblends.

We will determine the appropriate cleaning process for your rug based on its individual characteristics, such as its origin, type, material and dyes.

So leave your rug cleaning to the Coastal Breeze rug cleaning experts, and give us a call today!

Be sure to ask about our Scotchguard Rug Protection service to help prevent future stains and keep your rug cleaner for longer.

The cleaning process for Oriental Rugs is a Multi-step process which includes.

  • Pre-wash inspection to determine Rug quality and overall condition.
  • Dye testing, to determine the color fastness.
  • Power dusting, to get out the loose soil.
  • Pre-treatment for sport removal.
  • Hand cleaning and Rinsing.
  • Moisture removal with wringer.
  • Drying in a humidity-controlled environment.
  • We use Anti-microbial treatments, enzymes, for removal of strong odor.
  • Urine decontamination: the aggressive option when a rug has excessive staining and odor. the process includes disinfect-deodorize and sanitize.


(714) 602-0502