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Tips on what to do prior to scheduling your Summer cleaning

Here are some helpful tips for a smooth, affordable and efficient carpet cleaning or tile cleaning.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #1

Prior to booking your cleaning go through your home and see what could use a deep cleaning. It is important to regularly clean 1-2 times a year your area rugs, carpet, flooring, tile, furniture and stone. According to the EPA guidelines a good rule of thumb on how often to schedule a professional is how much traffic you have in your home, do you have family pets and does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma or a compromised immune system. If you answered yes to any of those questions than it is important to clean every 3-6 months. Remember that often times bathroom flooring, shower enclosures, kitchen flooring and countertops are overlooked. They are a host for mold, mildew, dirt, grime and bacteria so make sure to include them in your regular cleanings!

Coastal Breeze Carpet Care’s Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is the perfect time to tackle various projects around the home including your spring cleaning! After the long cold days of winter spring is the ideal time to say goodbye to germs, dirt and other various other elements. This can be done by sanitizing, cleaning and organizing clutter in and around your home. Studies have shown that lack of organization, clutter and uncleanliness often times creates stress and unnecessary anxiety.

Maintenance checklist for cleaning in Huntington Beach

Could dirty carpets, tile, stone, area rugs or upholstery be causing you allergies?

We spend on average 1/3 of our life sleeping, 99,117 hours at work and 11 years watching TV in our homes. This is why maintaining a clean home and place of business is extremely important. We spend most of our time at home and at work.

Coastal Breeze Checklist:

1) Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Make sure you are vacuuming regularly on a weekly basis. Our homes and offices are magnets for indoor allergens. This will improve indoor air quality.

2) Our homes and place of business are magnets for all types of allergens. There are many different types of allergens that can get brought in that include pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, fabrics, pesticides, house dust and house plants. These elements can settle on furniture, carpets and flooring. Clean your home on a regular basis at least once a week. Deep clean your home once a month.

3) Clean and circulate the air with appropriate indoor plants and air purifiers.

4) According to the EPA website their guidelines suggest “Poorly maintained areas such as carpet can actually release particles into the air.” Particles and debris from dust mites are common causes of allergies. Getting your carpets, upholstery, area rugs, tile & grout and other types of flooring cleaned regularly by a professional will definitely improve the air quality. It will eliminate some of these allergens making your home and place of work safer and cleaner for everyone. Using a portable machine is not effective enough to get the job done right. Hiring a reputable trustworthy professional like Coastal Breeze Carpet Care. Your safety is our #1 concern!

Carpet Cleaning Tips in Huntington Beach

Tips on maintaining your carpets in the winter months

Tip #1
1-2 times per week vacuum with an effect device. Vacuum regularly and even more often depending on the traffic in your home and if you also have family pets. Focus your attention on the high traffic areas of your home. If your time is limited a Roomba is also a good option to make sure your floors are being regularly maintained.

Tip #2
Place clean mats at both the front and back doors of your home and replace them regularly. This will insure you are not tracking outside elements inside your home.

Tip #3
It is a good idea to keep vinegar and baking soda on hand for unexpected emergency spills. Clean up stains right away. The longer they remain in the carpet the more of a chance they will become permanent. This 50/50/50 mixture of vinegar, baking soda and hot water can be found by going on google. Always be sure to check with your carpet manufacture first to ensure it is safe to use on your type of carpet. Also remember when cleaning up a spill or stain to blot the area with a clean towel and remember not to rub the stain further into the carpet.

Tip #4
Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once the fall/winter months to get rid of debris, dirt, bacteria, viruses, grime, dust mites and allergens. It is best to use a truck mounted system. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care uses a powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system and the temperature of our machines get well over 220 degrees!

Tip #5
Make sure to have your family pets bathe more regularly to ensure the outside elements stay where they belong- outside!

Natural stone and tile & grout cleaning in Huntington Beach

Natural stone and tile & grout myths

1. We often hear, “I can deep clean my tile & grout floor myself and save money.” Often times it will take a person several hours to get just a small section done and then we receive the call that it was just too hard and time consuming for them to finish it. It is absolutely a great idea to maintain your floors in between professional cleanings. To truly deep clean the floors we use powerful industrial equipment and a one of a kind all-natural cleaning agent and it can take us 2-8 hours depending on the size of the job. Leave the professional deep cleanings to Coastal Breeze Carpet Care! We promise to get the job done affordably, effectively, efficiently and most importantly get everything looking brand new again.

2. We occasionally hear, “That is just too expensive to clean my floors and shower.” I will explain what goes into our pricing because like anything the saying you get what you pay for is true for just about anything the average consumer purchases. We have extremely competitive prices for the quality 5 star work we provide. We often hear after we deep clean and seal tile & grout and natural stone that it looks brand new like when the consumer first bought it. We will thoroughly clean and protect your home as if it was our own using state of the art equipment and a unique one of a kind all natural zero reside cleaning solution.

3. We sometimes hear, “I don’t need to clean my tile or natural stone I will just replace it.” Replacing it will cost much more than a deep cleaning. Maintaining your natural stone and tile & grout will save you money and time. It will prolong the life, condition and add value to your beautiful home! Let Coastal Breeze Carpet Care come out and give you a free in home quote and demo and let us show you what we can do! You will be amazed.

Huntington Beach Tile & Grout and Natural Stone Cleaning

Coastal Breeze Carpet Care’s top tips for natural stone and tile & grout

1. It is extremely important to get your natural stone and tile & grout professionally cleaned and sealed once a year in areas of your home such as the kitchen, bathroom floors, shower enclosures and counter tops. It is very critical to keep it in good condition to prolong the life of it. Therefore having it professionally cleaned and sealed also will make it look like new and the appearance will add value to your home! Tile and natural stone often times can be porous which can trap bacteria, mold and germs in it making it unsanitary.

2. We often hear from our residential and commercial customers that they cannot get it as clean as we always do. Well this is because we are trained professionals and have powerful equipment to get the job done right! Many cleaners often use heavy chemicals like acid to clean tile and stone. We use an all-natural cleaner which is safe for your entire family.

3. We recommend using a steam mop to clean your tile & grout and natural stone in between professional cleanings. One option is using vinegar and baking soda as it can be a very effective way to keep the tile & grout and natural stone cleaned and sanitized in between professional cleanings.

4. We get asked by our customers weekly should they seal their tile & grout or natural stone. Typically after we deep clean it and seal it, the seal will last 1-2 years. If you have very heavy traffic in your home it can last as little as 6 months. Sealing will protect the stone and tile from elements getting trapped in it and make it easier to clean.

5. When hiring a cleaner to deep clean your tile & grout or natural stone make sure you check out their work, what products do they clean with and make sure they have up to date equipment! Coastal Breeze Carpet Care has a 100 percent guarantee on all of our work and we offer free in home quotes and demos for tile & grout and natural stone! We offer a powerful and extremely effective all natural cleaning safe for all members of your family. We are a family owned small business so we believe you are to be treated like family and we always want to ensure the safety of the products we use in your home.

Huntington Beach Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Why is it important to professionally clean your carpets and furniture more regularly when there are family members such as children or pets in your home?

1) Children and family pets come with the daily responsibilities of cleaning up spills, accidents and messes which leaves your carpets and furniture a target on a daily basis.

2) Professionally cleaning your carpets and furniture every 3-6 months when there are pets and children in the home will eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, pollen, dirt, dander, hair, viruses, dust mites, food particles and soil making it a healthier and safer environment for the entire household.

3) Family pets and children who suffer from allergies and asthma can benefit from a more frequent professional deep cleaning which can remove triggering elements such as dirt, dander, bacteria, pollen and hair and make it a cleaner environment to breathe, sleep and play in.

4) Upholstery and various types of household furniture collect dirt, hair, dander and soil the same way carpets do making them also a daily target for staining and collecting allergens.

5) Maintaining your carpets and upholstery regularly will not only prolong the life of them which in turn will save you money but it will also provide a safe clean environment for your children and family pets to play on.

6) You can also prevent permanent stains on your carpets and upholstery by getting them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. It is important to address the stains right away and since Coastal Breeze Carpet Care uses an all-natural cleaning solution we always suggest using a 3 part mix of vinegar, baking soda and hot water that is completely safe for family pets and children. Always use this is an inconspicuous area first to see how your carpet and furniture tolerates it. Upon request we also offer a spot treatment spray bottle to our customers who may benefit from using our product in between professional cleanings.

*(Coastal Breeze Carpet Care will not take responsibility for anyone who uses the mixture as it is just a suggestion since it is all natural and very effective but as always you should check with your manufacture for specifics information.)*

Carpet Cleaning Services in Huntington Beach

Tips on hiring a professional carpet cleaner:

#1 Know who you are letting in your home! Do some research and your homework on any company you let in your home. Not all carpet cleaners are created equal.

#2 It is strongly recommended to always hire a professional carpet cleaner who is licensed, insured and bonded. This will insure some safety for you as the homeowner. Most of the carpet cleaning companies who aren’t licensed or insured are probably not going to be careful with the items in your home or maintain their equipment properly either.

#3 It is always a great idea to look at reviews for the carpet cleaning company and referrals from others in the community. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care is active in the Huntington Beach community and has over 100 5 star reviews from our amazing customers.

#4 Call the carpet company prior to hiring them and ask about pricing and hidden fees as well as what type of cleaning products they use. Many cleaners use harsh chemicals and have hidden fees. Be up front and ask the right questions. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care has ZERO hidden fees and we use an organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic cleaning solution. We use zero harsh chemicals!

#5 It is always important to find out what type of equipment the cleaner has. It is important to make sure it is truck mounted hot water extraction so you get the most powerful cleaning for your money!

Huntington Beach Carpet Cleaning

How can you prolong the life of your carpets?

#1 Tip is to make sure you are vacuuming every day or every other day. This will ensure you are getting anything that is being tracked in your home from shoes, weather, children, or family pets vacuumed up right away. There are many different types of elements that are brought in on carpets daily grime, crumbs, dirt, fecal, bacteria, food, spills and pet urine just to name a few! Make sure you are using a great quality vacuum cleaner that will be powerful enough to thoroughly remove elements off the floor daily.

#2 Tip is to make sure you are urgently treating emergency spills right away! The longer a stain sits the harder it will be to completely remove it. It may be a urine pet stain, red wine, makeup or food stain from a recent get together. Educate yourself on your manufacturer’s instructions about removing stains as there are many different types of carpet. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care always recommends an earth friendly approach using hot water, vinegar and baking soda vs. harsh chemicals. Make sure to try this in an inconspicuous area first to see how your carpet tolerates it and always check with your carpet manufacturer first.

#3 Tip is to always make sure to schedule those truck mounted hot water extraction deep cleans regularly! Getting your carpets deep cleaned will extend the life of your carpet. Why hire a family owned small business? We are Huntington Beach locals and there have been so many occasions when we do emergency after hour calls to Huntington Beach and surrounding city neighbors who have stains they are frantic about. You will never get this kind of service with a corporate company. We take care of our customers they are like family!

Carpet Cleaning in Huntington Beach

Carpet Cleaning Myths:

#1 “It is best to get your carpets cleaned when they show signs of being dirty, stains develop or they start to smell.” This is false. Studies show that regular scheduled maintenance and hiring a professional carpet cleaner is beneficial to the average home owner at least one-two times a year. It is beneficial to home owners with young children and pets to get their carpets cleaned professionally cleaned every two-three months. It has also been proven that families who have members that suffer from allergies and asthma also benefit from getting their carpets professionally cleaned every one-three months since carpet fibers hold dust particles, bacteria, germs, grime, and dirt and this can cause more problems for allergy and asthma suffers. Getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will save you money and time in the long run. When stains are regularly removed it also prolongs the life of your carpet. We use an organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic cleaning solution that is safe for every member of your family.

#2 “I clean my carpets with my own portable machine and it saves me time and money. I don’t need to hire a professional.” This is also false. Cleaning your carpets with a portable machine is never a good idea. Let me explain why. With portable units the low temperature and suction power that they convey is never strong enough to completely remove stains, grime, dirt, bacteria, and the temperature of the water is also a big issue. Truck mounted hot water extraction is the best method of carpet cleaning. This is the system we use. The water temperature is able to get over 200 degrees and the suction power is so powerful we can remove up to 95 percent of stains every time! Commonly known with portable units they take a soapy type cleaning solution in their units and this leaves tons of residue on your carpets. This results in stiff carpet and reappearing stains. The residue that is left behind tracks all kinds of elements and dirt right back onto the carpet!

#3 “I see specials for carpet cleaning on Craigslist and local ads in the newspaper and its only $15 per room. Why are you so expensive?” We all love specials and discounts but most of time these carpet cleaners are called bait and switchers. They will tell you it’s only x-amount of dollars but upon arrival they will up-sell you and charge for things you never even thought about! Beware of such cheap pricing. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care has absolutely NO hidden fees. We are a 5 star service with affordable competitive prices. We backed by 100 percent guarantee and will go the extra mile for you every single time. We are not a corporate chain but a family owned Huntington Beach carpet cleaning service living off referrals. We put 100 percent into every single service call every single time.


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