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Coastal Breeze Carpet Care’s Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is the perfect time to tackle various projects around the home including your spring cleaning! After the long cold days of winter spring is the ideal time to say goodbye to germs, dirt and other various other elements. This can be done by sanitizing, cleaning and organizing clutter in and around your home. Studies have shown that lack of organization, clutter and uncleanliness often times creates stress and unnecessary anxiety.

We have created this list to help you get started. Happy cleaning!

Tip #1

Start by tackling one room of your home at a time. Go through closets, junk drawers and shred old paperwork. Donate old clothes and other various items to local charities or homeless shelters in your area. Sell things you no longer need or use at a garage sale and earn some extra cash. This can all be done by simply setting aside a few hours each week leading up to summer.

Tip #2

Pack an emergency/earthquake kit with necessary items for each member of your family. It is important to have water, canned foods, important paperwork, medication, shoes, clothes, blankets, cash, batteries, radio, first aid kit and supplies for your family pet. Every spring you can make it a priority to go through the items to make sure there are no expired goods, or medications. These bags are very important to have in case of an emergency and you need to leave quickly.

Tip #3

Spring is also a wonderful time to check your emergency water supply. Having water on hand is also very important. Make sure you factor in each family member and family pets. It is the ideal time to clean out your refrigerator with all natural ingredients like vinegar and throw away expired items. Throwing away old or expired items and canned goods out of your pantry will help you stay organized and also let you know what you need to replace. It is also the perfect time of year to check all the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors and fire extinguishers and make sure they are working properly and the batteries are still good.

Tip #4

Now that you have done some decluttering and organizing open all windows and makes sure they are working properly. With the rainy days behind us it is the perfect time of year to hire a professional window cleaner. This will give you more time to tackle other projects. Cleaning the blinds and drapes will remove any dust or dirt they may have collected over time. They are easy places that often times missed with a regular cleaning. Ceiling fans collect lots of dust over time. Cleaning them is simple and effective to remove dust and dirt as well. 

Tip #5

Give your backyard some love! You can tackle your front yard and back yard with a few simple tasks. You can remove dirt and debris by cleaning front and back door mats and hosing down your cement areas. It would also be ideal to hose down all your children’s outdoor toys. It’s a wonderful time of year to plant a garden, grow some beautiful spring flowers or remove weeds. It is also an ideal time to hire a professional like Coastal Breeze Carpet Care to deep clean any outdoor furniture, pillows or area rugs.

Tip #6

It is also super important to clean children’s toys and it can often be overlooked. We personally tend to bathe plastic toys in the bath tub with some all-natural vinegar. Consider donating unused to toys to a local charity or shelter. It is also an ideal time to send your family pet to get a bath and groomed. This would then be the perfect day to tackle cleaning your pets bedding and toys as well. 

Tip #7

This would be the perfect time to hire a cleaner to do a deep cleaning of your home to remove dirt, dust, debris and bacteria. Going beyond a basic cleaning will ensure every inch will be cleaned and no areas will be missed or overlooked.

Tip #8

It is the ideal time to hire a professional carpet cleaner and have your carpets, area rugs, shower enclosures, tile & grout, natural stone, bathroom floors, counter tops and furniture deep cleaned. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care provides an all-natural cleaning for all of the items listed above. Getting these services professionally cleaned 1-3 times a year depending on the traffic in your home will extend the life of these items in your home! In-between professional cleanings vacuuming regularly will also extend the life of your carpets and area rugs.

What are the benefits of Spring Cleaning your home?

1) Get rid of unwanted dirt, grime, bacteria, dander, germs, particles, debris, pet hair, dust mites which can make conditions like allergies and asthma worst.
2) Clearing your clutter and organizing your home and personal belongings will lower your stress level and make you feel calmer and happier. An organized home is a happy home!
3) Donating gently used items to your local charity or shelter will make you feel love and joy. It is wonderful thing to do to help out your community.
4) Having a garage sale can put some extra cash in your pocket which could be used for a family vacation, planting a garden or planting a neighborhood tree.
5) Having a clean, safe, happy and healthy living environment will give you have more free time to spend with your family and loved ones.
6) Your home will be ready for the lazy days of summer and entertaining your friends and family for barbeques and parties.

Happy Cleaning!

*Coastal Breeze Carpet Care does not take any legal responsibility for any of the suggestions listed or tried from above. These are merely suggestions for spring cleaning. You should always consult professionals or your manufacture if you have any questions.*

We offer a variety of all natural deep cleanings such as:

• Carpet cleaning
• Tile & grout cleaning & sealing
• Natural stone cleaning & sealing
• Area rugs- Synthetic – High end
• Counter tops
• Shower enclosures
• Back splashes
• Patio furniture / patio flooring
• Car upholstery
• Leather
• Boat/ yachts / RV- upholstery, leather carpet cleaning
• Car seats / strollers
• Odors / stains / pet stains

Why hire Coastal Breeze Carpet Care?

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