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Natural stone and tile & grout cleaning in Huntington Beach

Natural stone and tile & grout myths

1. We often hear, “I can deep clean my tile & grout floor myself and save money.” Often times it will take a person several hours to get just a small section done and then we receive the call that it was just too hard and time consuming for them to finish it. It is absolutely a great idea to maintain your floors in between professional cleanings. To truly deep clean the floors we use powerful industrial equipment and a one of a kind all-natural cleaning agent and it can take us 2-8 hours depending on the size of the job. Leave the professional deep cleanings to Coastal Breeze Carpet Care! We promise to get the job done affordably, effectively, efficiently and most importantly get everything looking brand new again.

2. We occasionally hear, “That is just too expensive to clean my floors and shower.” I will explain what goes into our pricing because like anything the saying you get what you pay for is true for just about anything the average consumer purchases. We have extremely competitive prices for the quality 5 star work we provide. We often hear after we deep clean and seal tile & grout and natural stone that it looks brand new like when the consumer first bought it. We will thoroughly clean and protect your home as if it was our own using state of the art equipment and a unique one of a kind all natural zero reside cleaning solution.

3. We sometimes hear, “I don’t need to clean my tile or natural stone I will just replace it.” Replacing it will cost much more than a deep cleaning. Maintaining your natural stone and tile & grout will save you money and time. It will prolong the life, condition and add value to your beautiful home! Let Coastal Breeze Carpet Care come out and give you a free in home quote and demo and let us show you what we can do! You will be amazed.


(714) 602-0502