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Carpet Cleaning Services in Huntington Beach

Carpet Cleaning Services in Huntington Beach

Tips on hiring a professional carpet cleaner:

#1 Know who you are letting in your home! Do some research and your homework on any company you let in your home. Not all carpet cleaners are created equal.

#2 It is strongly recommended to always hire a professional carpet cleaner who is licensed, insured and bonded. This will insure some safety for you as the homeowner. Most of the carpet cleaning companies who aren’t licensed or insured are probably not going to be careful with the items in your home or maintain their equipment properly either.

#3 It is always a great idea to look at reviews for the carpet cleaning company and referrals from others in the community. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care is active in the Huntington Beach community and has over 100 5 star reviews from our amazing customers.

#4 Call the carpet company prior to hiring them and ask about pricing and hidden fees as well as what type of cleaning products they use. Many cleaners use harsh chemicals and have hidden fees. Be up front and ask the right questions. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care has ZERO hidden fees and we use an organic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic cleaning solution. We use zero harsh chemicals!

#5 It is always important to find out what type of equipment the cleaner has. It is important to make sure it is truck mounted hot water extraction so you get the most powerful cleaning for your money!


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