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Tips on what to do prior to scheduling your Summer cleaning

Tips on what to do prior to scheduling your Summer cleaning

Here are some helpful tips for a smooth, affordable and efficient carpet cleaning or tile cleaning.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #1

Prior to booking your cleaning go through your home and see what could use a deep cleaning. It is important to regularly clean 1-2 times a year your area rugs, carpet, flooring, tile, furniture and stone. According to the EPA guidelines a good rule of thumb on how often to schedule a professional is how much traffic you have in your home, do you have family pets and does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma or a compromised immune system. If you answered yes to any of those questions than it is important to clean every 3-6 months. Remember that often times bathroom flooring, shower enclosures, kitchen flooring and countertops are overlooked. They are a host for mold, mildew, dirt, grime and bacteria so make sure to include them in your regular cleanings!

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #2

Before you book an appointment be sure to go over all areas with your cleaning company to get an accurate quote. Beware of inexpensive or so called free rooms as these are typically scams and often times we hear from customers it leads to very expensive cleanings in the end. Here at the Coastal Breeze Carpet Care we have absolutely no hidden fees or upselling. We are family owned and operated and do not believe in this type of dishonest business practices.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #3

Prior to your scheduled cleaning it is a good idea to clean up all areas of clutter. This will help the technician be able to clean more areas on the ground and it also helps the technician to efficiently clean all areas in a timely manner.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #4

If you plan on having your house cleaned by a house cleaning service it is important sure to do it prior to your deep cleaning for other items and carpeted areas in your home. This will ensure the areas will not need to be re-cleaned as dust and particles from dusting and house cleaning settle in the carpets, area rugs and furniture.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #5

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma it is always a good idea to run an air purifier before and after a cleaning. This can keep the air circulated at all times. It is always best to air out your home after a cleaning by turning on an air conditioning fan, fans or opening windows. This will keep the air circulated and speed up the drying time.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #6

It is also a good idea to take family pets to be groomed and have a bath during your scheduled deep cleaning. This will ensure your family pet doesn’t soil your newly cleaned house!

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #7

Make any obvious repairs to your carpets prior to scheduling your carpet cleaning. Coastal Breeze Carpet Care does not do any type of repairs unfortunately.

Before Carpet Cleaning Tip #8

Feel rest assured knowing Coastal Breeze Carpet Care will give you the most professional, honest, efficient, all natural and affordable cleaning out there!


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